Frinzo Calling International Numbers Features


Free For All Frinzo Users:

Now, all Frinzo users have the ability to erase all borders, and stay close with family and friends.
Wherever a Frinzo user is can always enjoy connecting with other users no matter where they are. OH! AND IT’S ENTIRELY FREE.


Frinzo To Non-Frinzo:

Calling International Numbers was never that easy before Frinzo. As a Frinzo user you are able to make local & International calls to mobiles and land-lines of Non-Frinzo users; and it will cost you even less than your mobile operators’.
So get all Frinzo and enjoy our extremely low rate calls. Calling International Numbers was never that easy!


High-Definition Voice & Video:

Enjoy a flawless crystal clear sound and a high-definition video, so you won’t miss anything wherever you were in the world. You could always be present in the most important events in your friend’s life. With Frinzo you can always be around. Use these Frinzo features to dial international numbers.

Messaging Features


Frinzo Texting:

You can send FREE instant messages to all Frinzo Users quickly and simply, and texting Non-Frinzo Users is almost free.


Multimedia Files:

Sending videos, pictures documents and audio files have never been such easy. Share your emotions, let the world be closer to you and be closer to the world.


Funny Emoticons:

Double up the fun of Texting, expressing you with our funny emoticons. Share your emotions & laughter.

Additional Features to Dial International


Integration with Contact List:

you don’t have to ask your friend if they have Frinzo. Frinzo shows you who does, who is online, offline or on push notification.


Money Transfer:

Soon you will be able to send money from your Frinzo account to your friends. Quick & simple.


Stay Connected:

Let your friends know when you’re busy, so they can call you later.

Make Money with Frinzo